Quality Control

Tools for quality control and detection of production defects

Red Line

Control system for detecting defects in the planarity of ceramic tiles.

RedLine is a measuring tool to detect defects in the planarity of ceramic tiles.

The device is able to acquire, reconstruct, visualize and analyze the profile of the entire surface of the tile with a precision of ± 1 tenth of a millimeter.

The sophisticated camera system with laser line generators (up to 9), analyses the entire surface without contacting the tile measuring even the smallest deformation.


Check Point

System for the quality control of ceramic tiles.

Tile Detector classifies and signals in real time structural and decoration defects.



Measuring tool to control the tile caliber and dimensions

LINER monitors the dimensions of the tiles and makes it possible to identify those with irregular shapes (defects) and subdivides the tiles into classes (calibers) on the basis of their dimensions.

The selection criterion classifies the tiles according to shape defects (trapezium effect, cushion effect, lack of square shape) and dimensions (outside of caliber and relevant caliber).


Tile Detector

Detects the structure or decoration of the tile.
Tile Detector detects the structure or decoration of the tile and send the input to the Creadigit decorating system that combines the correct graphic.


Vision and self-adjustment system for digital printing

Creavision make possible the correct repositioning of the graphic image on the substratet be printed.



Vision system for shade detection

Three dedicated illumination systems matched to vision systems and video cameras allow a detailed check which is able to identify structure and decoration defects.