Flexibility, high speed and performance for the moldless press for traditional formats

Superfast is the innovative moldless ceramic press for traditional formats, a veritable example of process innovation, ready to launch a new era for ceramic manufacturing. Superfast takes up the performance challenge and is ready to guarantee advantages and performances unattainable with traditional ceramic pressing systems.

No mold


Thanks to a system fitted with a single belt and which does not require a mold, Superfast makes it possible to produce with a flexibility never seen before for all traditional formats. Modules starting from 60, 80 and 90 cm and with thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm can be managed with a simple and rapid operation, setting-up the parameters via software.

The absence of the mold and the use of a single belt, moreover, lead to considerable advantages in terms of costs, as the machine set-up is never interrupted in terms of time, given that the replacement of the belt from smooth to structured occurs in just a few minutes, and also in terms of space, given that it’s no longer necessary to store molds in the warehouse.

Unfired cutting and “zero waste”


With Superfast, System Ceramics has exploited its innovative capacity to the full, promoting a technology that makes it possible to cut the ceramic surface after pressing and before introducing it into the kiln, with consequent recovery of the ceramic material in excess in the pressing and cutting phase. Superfast operates with a “zero waste” process in which there are no scraps.

The recovered waste is dry-ground directly at the side of the press and is then mixed and introduced directly into the atomised spreading dispenser. The double loading allows for the spreading of the recycled material and pure atomised material which form the basic ingredients of the ceramic product.

Towards sustainable manufacturing


Practically zero waste, a reduced use of raw materials and a lower energy consumption of up to 70% compared to traditional presses; these factors make Superfast a cutting-edge technology, dedicated to sustainable manufacturing. The benefits for the environment in no way alter the quality of the ceramic surfaces: industrial laboratory tests performed by accredited and independent research centres have demonstrated that the quality of the final tile does not change in technical and aesthetic terms compared to the traditional production cycle.

Technology for high productivity


Superfast makes no compromises in terms of productivity: with a single press, Superfast can produce up to 20.000 sq.m. a day, a quantity normally achieved with at least 2 traditional presses.

Superfast is already working today towards the future of the ceramic industry, positioning itself as sustainable technology and able to achieve a reduction in costs and in the wastage of raw materials. It’s a further step towards a production philosophy that is inevitably changing for the better, moving towards customisation and just-in-time.