Systems for high-resolution decoration with digital technology

Creadigit Infinity

The digital printer with a computing power never seen before.

Creadigit Infinity is the evolution of digital decoration. Information useful for reproducing images onto the ceramic surface is processed and managed in real time thanks to the cutting-edge architecture combined with the control modules of the CoreXpress platform. With latest-generation electronics developed by the Electronics division, Creadigit Infinity boasts extraordinary computing power. More flexibility, more configuration variability with more than 12 bars and the possibility of working with different head models, is just the beginning.



High resolution digital printing

With Creadigit it’s possible to modify the printing by using the most suitable head according to the quantity of ink and the type of product to be made.



From powder to design

Gravity allows the application of Frits and Powders on porcelain and ceramic surfaces. The machine consists of a tank/elevator to load the material, a head for distribution on the tiles, and a belt to recover the excess material.



Digital printer with ink-jet technology for the application of layers of material

Crealab is an digital printer with ink-jet technology for the application of layers of material (glaze, englobe, glass, etc.) and decoration for ceramics tiles. With Crealab it’s possible to estimate the quantity of ink used for the design.