Zero plastic in ceramic product packaging. All true

The ceramic industry is increasingly committed to optimizing production processes and to reducing environmental impact. Cartonstrap certainly features among System Ceramics’ solutions to these goals: a real “game-changer” solution in standard package coupling and gluing processes. A cutting-edge technique that offers greater protection for the tiles, optimizes production and contributes significantly to environmental sustainability, eliminating the use of plastic from the packaging process.

The Cartonstrap revolution

Cartonstrap is System Ceramics’ innovative solution designed for going beyond traditional gluing and coupling approaches, offering a more advanced and efficient solution. The fundamentally innovative feature of CartonStrap is that of replacing plastic with cardboard in the corners that protect the tiles.

100% positive environmental impact

Cartonstrap has an extremely high ecological value. The adoption of this approach, in fact, allows for savings of 2 million meters of plastic strapping per year, practically eliminating the use of this material in the coupling processes. This not only reduces the use of non-renewable resources, but also limits the production of plastic waste. Cartonstrap also processes recycled cardboard, further reducing its environmental impact.

Optimization of production

Another distinctive feature of this machine is its ability to optimize the production process. Cartonstrap, in fact:

• is synonymous with high speed and autonomy, two qualities that lead to a reduction in the input of the operator and stoppage times;

• makes it possible to lower production costs thanks to the elimination of the interlayer, no longer necessary with cardboard corners.

Precision, stability and safety

Cartonstrap cuts the cardboard corners automatically to size and applies them with precision. A process that guarantees greater rigidity, and therefore, stability, to packages during palletizing. In addition, it offers the possibility to easily and safely separate the boxes from one another, contributing to the safety of those involved in the application of the ceramic product.

Reduction of damage during transport

Another of CartonStrap’s tangible benefits is its ability to significantly reduce the breakage of pieces during transportation. The protection provided by the joined cardboard corners, in fact, prevents any damage that could occur during handling and distribution of the ceramic products. This results in greater customer satisfaction and in a reduction of costs associated with the management of complaints about defective products.

Innovation for a sustainable future

Cartonstrap di System Ceramics è l'innovazione pronta a ridefinire il modo in cui l'industria ceramica gestisce l’imballaggio delle piastrelle. Le sue capacità di ottimizzare la produzione, azzerare l’uso della plastica e aumentare la protezione del prodotto durante il trasporto la rendono una soluzione vincente su più fronti. Nel perseguire l'obiettivo di una produzione ceramica più efficiente e sostenibile, Cartonstrap costituisce un passo audace verso un futuro migliore.

Cartonstrap by System Ceramics is the innovation ready to redefine the way the ceramic industry manages tile packaging. Its ability to optimize production, eliminate the use of plastic and increase protection of the product during transport make it a winning solution on several fronts. In pursuing the adjective of a more efficient and sustainable ceramic production, Cartonstrap is a bold step towards a better future.