Training documentation system ceramics

Training & documentation: one of the six pillars of the Customer Service

Not only technology and innovation. System Ceramics stands out also for its Customer Service which puts the customer first, and responds to a wide range of needs with quality and professionalism. It offers a series of always personalized and efficient solutions, underpinned by the skills and training provided by the Training & documentation service: one of the six fundamental pillars of System Ceramics’ Customer Service.

Training & documentation: an overview

This service aims to respond to all training needs arising in the company or in the various foreign branches, but also in the companies that choose our products. System Ceramics’ training service is designed to make new human resources operative, helping professionals to upgrade their skills, and bringing benefits to customers for complete autonomy in the use of the technologies acquired.

Knowledge Center: System Ceramics' training hub

All documentation relating to technical training is available in the Knowledge Center portal: a useful and practical work tool that allows users intuitive and immediate consultation, avoiding numerous requests to the relative offices and the associated waiting times. The Knowledge Center is continuously evolving: the constant integration of new contents, which range from specific installation or troubleshooting guides to audiovisual and interactive material, guarantee adequate support for management of the new technologies developed by the company.

The creation of the “KC-INFO”-dedicated newsletter keeps users informed on current activities and gives updates on future developments of the portal.
Another fundamental aspect is connectivity to machines, a distinctive feature of this cutting-edge service, making it possible to monitor and intervene from remote with the same effectiveness as when physically present. Everything is carried out with a view to transparency, sharing, updating and efficiency.

Training of internal human resources, in Italy and abroad

Great attention is constantly paid to the training of technicians, whether working in Italy or in the branches: being able to offer customers the same professionalism and quality wherever they may be is a key element of company policy. All System Ceramics technicians follow a theoretical and practical training program relating to the product lines to which they have been assigned. Also abroad, remote training is completed with training on site by an expert technician from the parent company. When considered necessary, branch technicians complete their training also in Italy, gathering valuable information through fruitful interaction with senior technicians.

Customer training, a great added value

System Ceramics has always invested and firmly believed in training, not only that offered to its own technicians. Training & documentation, in fact, is one of the company’s most appreciated services, especially regarding customer-oriented training. There are various types of training programs for every product line dedicated to the professionals of the companies that choose System Ceramics. That’s not all. Against specific requests, “tailor-made” updating training programs are developed with the aim of optimizing management of the technologies present in the factory.

How we know this service works

The objective of Training & documentation is the sharing of expertise in order to guarantee an extremely high-quality service in all countries: everywhere, the same skills and expertise to intervene on the machines. It’s a business support service that works and is recognized by our customers as an important driver in the creation of stable and long-lasting relations.