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System Ceramics and the flourishing Vietnamese ceramic market

The first subsidiary was established in 2005 in the city of Ho Chi Minh, the second one in 2017 in the capital, Hanoi: the presence of System Ceramics in Vietnam has improved during the years covering the main ceramic districts of the country.

Tribuna Economica, a magazine of economics and finance (, recently published an article with an interview to Eng. Luca Bazzani, System Ceramics' CEO, talking about System Ceramics in Vietnam.

In 2005 we were the first Italians to set up in the Industrial Park of Ho Chi Minh through a direct subsidiary. We found top level producers in Vietnam who, given the increase in demand, decided to adopt Italian technology in order to introduce the more innovative automation processes that were necessary in their factories.

The reason why System Ceramics opened two different subsidiaries in Vietnam stands on the growing demand for residential buildings and the modernisation of infrastructures causing an increase in the use of ceramic tiles, as Eng. Luca Bazzani explains:  

The growth of the ceramic industry, which was achieving significant results, moving from 440 million square meters in 2015 to 560 million square meters in 2019, taking this Asian country to fourth place in the list of the biggest tile producers in the world.




System ceramics has established itself as a leader in decoration, first with Rotocolor, and then with Creadigit, the digital inkjet printer that has incorporated extraordinary quality standards, from a graphical point of view, into the finished product.

We have sought to meet and anticipate the demands of the local market, creating, thanks to the presence of our subsidiaries, a value-added service for the clientele. Our staff work alongside customers in after-sales assistance and spare part requirements, and guarantee punctual and efficient daily supervision

concludes Eng. Luca Bazzani.

You can read the full interview on Tribuna Economica. Find out our subsidiaries network in the world.

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