system ceramics tecna 2022

System Ceramics at TECNA 2022 | Hall B5 - Stand 040 | Download your ticket

System Ceramics, the Coesia company and international leader in the design and development of innovative process and product solutions for the ceramics industry and for electronics, will be in Rimini from 27 to 30 September to take part in the renewed edition of Tecna 2022 with Stand B5/040.

The strong focus on green sources and the enhancement of the Supply Chain are some of the innovative elements that System Ceramics will be taking to the trade fair and to the attention of the numerous expected visitors. It is no longer possible to talk of an ‘industrial approach’ without referring to a ‘sustainable approach’: paying attention to energy resources, conserving them and limiting their costs; recycling raw materials to limit waste and superfluous consumption and setting up new continuous cycles; creating increasingly eco-friendly technologies; encouraging the entire production chain, including employees and suppliers, to use and comply with sustainable measures.

This is why we are moving increasingly towards an enhancement of the Supply Chain concept which, establishing a strong interrelationship between the product and the supplier and final customer, requires and invests in a close monitoring of the supply chain in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and the environment.

Come and discover all the innovative System Ceramics solutions at TECNA 2022. We are waiting for you!

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