Superfast system ceramics

System Ceramics, a partner of excellence for Laminam

The partnership between Laminam and System Ceramics in the name of technological excellence, which contributes to characterizing Laminam as a leader in innovation and design in the ceramics sector, has been further confirmed.

The company, based in Fiorano Modenese, has numerous commercial branches in strategic international markets and is supported by three production factories and by Research&Development laboratories committed to maintaining the innovative spirit with which Laminam, right from its beginnings, has overturned the traditional ceramic concept with large format and minimum thickness slabs that literally model spaces and make them an expression of different personalities.

A strong commitment towards research into materials and important investments in technologies is necessary to achieve these constantly evolving objectives: System Ceramics has proved that it has the required qualities of reliability, quality, flexibility and pioneering spirit, fundamental for Laminam, thus creating a solid and tried and tested partnership.

In this context, expansion projects are under way both in the branch in Russia and in Italy. The Borgotaro factory is the destination of new investments in Italy, where a Superfast 19000 pressing line started production a few months ago and where a Superfast 30000pressing line for 1600x3200 formats and a 12-bar Creadigit Infinity 2.1 will be supplied in the next few months.

The press without a mold and with an eco-sustainable process, System Ceramics’ flagship, has been customized further to the customer’s requirement to produce large slabs with a fine thickness for which Laminam has been a pioneer for over twenty years. Superfast 30000’s power and the formats that reach 1600x3200 are an unprecedented combination, guaranteeing improved performances and the optimization of surface processing.

For an exclusive and top-level design, Laminam has chosen Creadigit Infinity 2.1. It represents the evolution of digital decoration and is characterized by extraordinary computing power, high flexibility and the possibility of mounting different head models. Configured for Laminam with 12 bars, the Creadigit Infinity 2.1 is the only digital printer able to decorate maxi formats like those required by the Fiorano Modenese company and guarantees a decoration quality and a versatility of graphic effects that perfectly meet all the Laminam’s needs, given its commitment to push the creativity of its solutions to the maximum in order to take ceramics to a higher level of use, in which aesthetics and quality go hand in hand in literally furnishing floors and walls and in enhancing furniture and design accessories with a unique character.