System Ceramics and Porcelanosa Grupo in a winning partnership

System Ceramics, the Coesia Group company, has been one of the Porcelanosa Grupo trusted technological partners for some time and has recently worked with the group for the lines of its new production center.

Superior digital printing with Creadigit Infinity

Porcelanosa has opted for Creadigit Infinity, System Ceramics’ digital printer with unprecedented computing power. They have been installed on two 1200x1200 mm glazing lines – the first equipped with 12-bar Creadigit Infinity 1.4 and the second with 4-bar and 12-bar Creadigit Infinity 1.4, for high flexibility. Creadigit Infinity is equipped with CoreXpress, a processor that acts as the driving force of Infinity: it manages propriety codes and advanced algorithms to process the data necessary for the digital printing process in a precise and immediate manner.  


Quality control and tracking device for optimized performances

Porcelanosa has aimed high, combining also Creavision e-View with the digital printer: the highly sophisticated vision and self-regulation device, which uses latest-generation video cameras to perfectly read the entire surface of the incoming piece and its position, so as to fully optimize Creadigit’s performance.

Another fundamental ally for the high quality of the results obtained with Creadigit Infinity is Genya, the tracking device adopted by Porcelanosa for its innovative characteristics: the tracking device makes it possible, in fact, to coordinate the printing between machines situated at different points in the production line, fully optimizing production and process times and, at the same time, avoiding raw material waste.


A valid partner also for large formats

Porcelanosa Grupo has dedicated a plant also to large formats, to further strengthen its offer in terms of quality and diversity. Again in this case, the two glazing lines each include 3 Creadigit Infinity machines, to meet the aesthetic and functional demands of the market. There is also Superfast, the most flexible moldless press on the market, which operates with a zero-waste process, flanked by the revolutionary Genesis, for full-body three-dimensional decoration that takes the production of ceramic slabs beyond the frontiers of current technology into the direction of natural stones, to make through-vein slabs and to open up newinterior design frontiers in the world of countertops, worktops and kitchen tops.