Successful Collaboration between System Ceramics and Levantina: New Investments for the Spanish Company

System Ceramics and Levantina Techlam, a renowned company in the natural stone and ceramic sector, are strengthening their successful partnership with a new investment aimed at ensuring high-quality, cutting-edge products.

The collaboration between the two companies has been long-standing, starting in 2007 with the installation of the first ceramic press, Lamgea, a precursor to the Superfast technology. Since then, the synergy between System Ceramics and Levantina Techlam has led to continuous progress and innovation in the industry.

Today, Levantina Techlam has chosen to rely on System Ceramics’ state-of-the-art technologies once again, investing in machinery for its brand-new facility in Nules, Castellón, Spain. These machines, characterized by cutting-edge technologies, deliver excellent results in terms of productivity and quality.

In particular, the investment includes the Superfast moldless ceramic press, representing a leap forward towards efficient and ecological production, significantly reducing energy consumption and raw material waste. The digital decorators Creadigit Infinity 2.1, also part of the investment package, are synonymous with flexibility, variability, and excellence, offering high-quality image reproduction on ceramic surfaces, all coupled with the Genya tracking system. The collaboration also extends to vision controls and vertical storage systems for ceramics within the facility.

The partnership between System Ceramics and Levantina Techlam not only represents a successful collaboration but also a model of shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the ceramic sector. Both companies are committed to constantly investing in new technologies and innovative solutions, confirming their role as leaders in the global market for ceramics and natural stone.