#ReLive TecnaNext: Superfast, sustainable process and energy saving. Eustachio Tarasco.

Today, it’s vital more than ever before to envisage industrial activity with an increasingly lower impact on the environment. From a reduction in the quantity of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, to controls aimed at mitigating energy consumption, to the reuse of raw material waste we, as producers of technologies for industrial automation, work every day on offering solutions aligned with these themes.

One example of how all this works in practice is Superfast, our latest technology for ceramic pressing, conceived to ensure high-level performances combined with respect for the environment and considerable benefits in terms of energy saving.

Eustachio Tarasco, System Ceramics Engineering Manager, spoke about it during his speech within the webinar "Energy saving in ceramics", organized by Ceramic World Web and TecnaNext

Watch the speech below:


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