#ReLive TecnaNext. From Prime to Remote Assistance: the industry is definitely smart. Cristian Mattioli & Paolo Bertocchi's speeches

On 3 and 4 March we had the pleasure of participating in the webinar organized by Tecna Next on the theme of “Digital Factory: Digital transformation in the ceramic industry”.

System Ceramics’ contribution was divided into 2 parts: the first, guided by Cristian Mattioli, Engineering Manager, dealt with the theme referring to PRIME, the software platform that makes it possible to manage the production flows of entire ceramic factories.

With practical examples, Cristian showed how PRIME represents a paradigm shift, a key factor for ceramic industries of the future which will increasingly have to shift from make to stock to make to order.

Let’s see Cristian Mattioli’s contribution

With Paolo Bertocchi, Technical Trainer Supervisor, the focus of the contribution moved onto Remote Assistance and how new technologies are becoming a fundamental support in digital transformation.

From augmented reality devices to extended collaboration platforms, System Ceramics is today able to offer precise, effective and prompt technical assistance to customers also if the technicians are not physically present on site.

In this way, it has been possible to install and start up a number of pressing plants in China completely in remote, thanks precisely to the use of these digital devices, with extremely positive results. We can see what this means in more detail in Paolo Bertocchi’s contribution.

Here’s the video.

Tecna Next webinars keep going. Follow us and stay tuned for other scheduled System Ceramics speeches.

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