#ReLive TecnaNext. Creadigit Infinity: Ultra-computing power for endless aesthetic possibilities. Paolo Bertocchi's speech

On the occasion of the Tecna Next webinar on 17 and 18 March, the theme of "digital ceramic surfaces" was debated. System Ceramics took part with the interesting speech, led by Paolo Bertocchi (Technical Training Supervisor), Creadigit Infinity: Ultra-computing power for infinite aesthetic possibilities, in which we talked about the latest technology in the field of ceramic decoration by System Ceramics that is revolutionizing digital printing processes.

From the new electronic architecture to the possibility of managing 12 or more bars, Paolo Bertocchi gave an overview of Creadigit Infinity and all available models, highlighting their strengths and advantages.

Here is the video:


The webinars on Tecna Next continue. Follow us to stay updated on the next scheduled speeches.

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