Prime: the benefits of digitalization of end-of-line and warehouse

At the TecnaNext “Smart intralogistics” webinar held on 9 June and dedicated to the more recent and innovative intralogistic solutions in the ceramics world, System Ceramics’s contribution was focused on automation for the end-of-line and warehouse, presenting the versatility and functions of Prime.

Prime is the System Ceramics software solution that makes it possible to digitalize the production processes in ceramic manufacturing; in terms of concrete advantages, this means: facilitating and guiding the decision-making process of operators; obtaining greater efficiency thanks to optimized processes; gaining in flexibility and, last but not least, being able to count on a wider and more complete and, therefore, understandable, overview of the production context.

Prime’s beating heart is undoubtedly its graphic interface: this is a key aspect of a digital product, as it determines the final level of clarity for the user. Thanks to 3D technology, Prime depicts a Real Digital Twin, providing an overview that goes beyond what the operator could physically see with his/her own eyes inside the factory; this means being more aware of the production status and being able to take more rapid and correct decisions, with a significant reduction in downtimes and human error.

Prime doesn’t just communicate with humans; it also communicates with the other machines in a two-way dialogue in which Prime is not only a supervisor but also an operator that sends data for complete automation of the work flows. The substantial quantity of data acquired is not used only for representing the situation in Real Time, but is stored and can be accessed through an appropriat dashboard; Prime is designed to carry out historical data analyses and makes forecasts based on them. Finally – a not insignificant element – Prime is totally integrated with the ERP management systems (Enterprise Resource Planning): the automation of the procedures makes it possible to have complete management of the entire production site.

The Operation module manages the end of the production line, a particularly important phase, as here procedures, from pallet labelling to the generation of the unique code on the pallet, prepare for the correct management of storage of the finished products. There are clear benefits of Prime as an end-of-line manager: the printing of the labels applied to the pallets is automated, both when they are handled automatically and when by an operator; the data are always correct and rarely have to be reprocessed, causing inefficiencies; the data are exported automatically to the customer’s management system, and everything is visualized through a graphic interface that allows the operator to intercept anomalies, thereby obtaining improved production efficiency.

In the Warehouse module we find the same basic concepts of the system – Real Time 3D representation, historical data handling and automation of the work flows – applied to the specific warehouse context. The advantage of being able to have a graphic interface that offers greater visibility and details of the production situation are evident also in this context, enabling the operators to be more rapid, efficient and precise. The integrated logics for the allocation of materials possible with Prime allows for a radical optimization of spaces and greater efficiency in the management of production orders and shipment, for which complete tracing is guaranteed. Last but not least, being able to have a single platform that functions as both a MES and a WMS means having a unique software interface, leading to greater efficiency in terms of the control of operating flows and data, combined with improved simplicity of use for operators.

Prime di System Ceramics può integrare qualunque contestoproduttivo ceramico - nuovo o già esistente - in termini di singola linea, di singolo reparto, per arrivare fino all’intero stabilimento.

Prime by System Ceramics can integrate any ceramic production context – new and already existing - in terms of a single line, a single department or even an entire factory.

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