Optimize consumptions in the glazing process? Let's talk about it

In the industrial production of ceramic tiles, the glazing process has evolved over the years in order to meet demands to optimize costsand times and, as of today, is achieved in various ways: from the old silkscreen process to airless glazing, from waterfall coating to digital printing, the most innovative and efficient technology in this field.

Glazing with a digital process, in fact, uses completely water-based traditional glazes and Drop on Demand (DOD) technology, definitely resolving the problem of pollution in the working environment due to silica and toxic vapors, a frequent situation on glazing lines with traditional sprays.

Digital technology, moreover, offers an unprecedented optimization of consumption and leaves ample room for creativity. The result is a less expensive and more original and sustainable final product.

All these advantages are found in Digiglaze, the System Ceramics machine destined to be a protagonist of the great change in the glazing lines.

The solution for the future of glazing

System Ceramics’ increasingly digital, versatile, interconnected and sustainable approach is reflected in all aspects of the production process, activating a continuous innovation impulse. This has led to the creation of Digiglaze: a machine with digital technology for glazing that allows for maximum control of the discharge capacity and the laying process.

Digiglaze is a solution developed in Tecno Italia, the historic ceramics division, which from January 2022 has become part of System Ceramics, contributing to the expansion of the offer and the strengthening of investments in research and development.

From individual parts to the whole: what makes Digiglaze special

The need to give added value to the technology of digital printing has led System Ceramics to take an organic approach to the process: the quality of the final result increasingly depends on a specialization of the parties that are able to dialogue with each other and enter into synergy for a total evolution. All-for-One and One-for-All, from the part to the whole and vice-versa: in Digiglaze you will find all the multifaceted competence of System Ceramics and a digital glazing vision oriented towards the future.

Let’s move on to the facts: what advantages does Digiglaze offer?

  • Saving up to 35% of glaze in a year. Digiglaze, in fact, allows for a 'precision glazing' that enables maximum control of the discharge and laying, programming the dimension and frequency of the drop from the control panel, and optimizing the glazing on every type of substrate.
  • Elimination of the nebulization process and suction plant. This results in very low environmental impact which, together with a significant reduction in emissions and waste and lower purification costs compared to similar solutions, makes Digiglaze a decidedly sustainable technology.
  • Cleaning times reduced from the traditional 60 minutes per day to 15/20 minutes per day, thanks to obstructions and sedimentations reduced to a minimum during production.

Digiglaze is a Made in Italy technology for industry 4.0 and confirms System Ceramics as a top partner for the ceramics industry of the future.
Download the brochure to find out all the details of the Digiglaze technology.