A new site for System Electronics, characterized by high technology

Minimalist avant-gardism: this is the expression that best describes the impression gained when entering the extra-white new System Electronics site for the first time. A contemplative aura emanates from the unmistakably hyper-high-tech vibrations that permeate the atmosphere surrounding the visitor. This new production hub with a high technological content, situated alongside System Ceramics’ historic headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, will allow System Electronics to take up more new challenges in the creation of solutions for industrial automation. A wide range of IPCs, Copilot monitors, EtherCAT and CANopen systems, stepping motor drives and industrial digital printing electronics are all designed by the R&D center and constructed by the new Electronic Manufacturing department.


Thanks to its new, futuristic location, System Electronics is further equipped with hyper-technological facilities for a substantial improvement in production performance: latest-generation SMT lines, Vapor Phase welding ovens, 3D optic inspection and Xray tomography are just the beginning. The factory is also equipped with an EMC laboratory with an anechoic chamber for radiofrequency tests, equipment only found in few research centers for the carrying out of electromagnetic compatibility tests.

System Electronics thus takes an important step in industrial electronics innovation and is ready to face new developments in contract manufacturing, design and industrial co-design.

Visit www.system-electronics.it to discover all the areas of application.