Neolith and System Ceramics: a winning partnership

A winning partnership that has lasted for over 10 years between System Ceramics and Neolith, one of the most famous world players in the segment of large ceramic slabs. This was discussed in an interesting article in Ceramic World Review (CWR 143/2021), in which the interview with Neolith's CEO, José Luis Ramón, highlighted how the collaboration with System Ceramics has contributed to the exponential growth of the company and technological innovation of the entire sector in which the Spanish company operates.

Here is an excerpt from the interview where José Luis Ramón talks about the arrival of the fifth production line by System Ceramics, scheduled for 2022. A line that will allow an increase in productivity, flexibility in production and the possibility of producing completely new solutions:

Ever since its inception, Neolith has always adopted best-in-class technology based on strong long-term partnerships with our key suppliers. We have enjoyed a very special relationship with System Ceramics over the last decade, cooperating very closely and contributing to the evolution of this industry. The innovation agenda has always been our priority to continue building the best company. Right now, our global business plan is working well, and we need to continue increasing our industrial capacity and optimizing flexibility in our production footprint. We understand that our global expansion plan needs to be synchronized with strong industrial investment. The new production line, which we expect to start up in early 2022, will be equipped with ground-breaking solutions that will enable us to manufacture the disruptive range of products I mentioned earlier, thereby complementing our already extensive portfolio. These will include the new slabs with full-body veining, a revolutionary process that the industry has been attempting to master ever since these materials were first developed. At last we have succeeded in achieving a vein that runs through the entire thickness of the slab and is so realistic that it represents a real game-changer for the sector.

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