Multiflex: end-of-line innovation

Our objective as a company has always been to operate in the ceramic sector with advanced technologies and systems. For this reason, we’re constantly focused on evolving our know-how, always trying out new solutions and investigating new processes, in order to be able to respond to new market demands as soon as they occur and to keep in step with the industry 4.0 revolution.

The evolution we aim for relates to the entire ceramic manufacturing production chain, starting from the end-of-line, one of the key processes for the sector, and in which System Ceramics is a leader: the final goal of this evolution is to guarantee customers greater competitiveness and to take performances to the next level.

The devices relating to the sorting and packaging process have recently been upgraded in terms of automation and efficiency, and one of the System Ceramics machines that stands out is Multiflex, a just-in-time packaging and printing device that guarantees maximum freedom of configuration on every lot and adapts to all System Ceramics sorting lines (Easyline or Multigecko).

Flexible and high-speed packaging

With Multiflex, System Ceramics evolves the concepts of speed of production, packaging flexibility and real time graphic printing. This machine, in fact, can complete up to 9 packages per minute and create tailored packaging thanks to the presence of 4 storage units of neutral or preprinted 120x120 cm cardboard positioned at the side of the machine. In addition, if the cardboard is neutral, Multiflex has 8 high-definition print heads to create the graphics at the same time as the packaging process, shortening production times and widening personalization possibilities.


Innovation and sustainability

Multiflex is the new packaging frontier not only for its innovative technical and technological characteristics, but also for the lowering of industrialization and production costs deriving from its use. The Multiflex technology aims at energy and raw material savings, maintains high performance levels in terms of speed and is characterized by wide tolerance regarding manageable tiles, with the possibility of processing different sizes on the same machine (from 150 mm to 1800 mm), maintaining format-change flexibility without losing the machine’s operational autonomy. In addition to all this, there’s the possibility of graphic personalization directly implementable in the system, to obtain results that satisfy every type of demand and need of each single customer.

A mix of 4.0 advantages

The competitive advantages offered by Multiflex can be increased by choosing to accessorize the set-up with four different options, which diversify its production activity. The Cover Kit makes it possible to select the type of packaging according to the product to be handled, increasing the flexibility and production efficiency of the process. Another integrated solution allows Multiflex to operate also as a labelling machine, or it can be equipped with an automatic glue feeder, intended for the most important hot-melt gun producers. Finally, the machine can also carry out the gluing operation during the coupling phase in order to give greater stability to the packages, especially in the case of medium and large-size packages.


With all the advantages offered by Multiflex, this device is fully part of the sensitive and sustainable evolution process that System Ceramics is pursuing in the wider context of the industry 4.0 revolution. In addition, underlining the technological and digital innovation inherent to this device, Multiflex enjoys all the advantages of digitalization developed by System Ceramics: it comes with a remote connection kit and configures as Prime Ready technology for a process which, to all intents and purposes, not only looks to the future, but accomplishes it.


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