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Machine safety as corporate social responsibility

Safety in the industrial and technological world is traditionally perceived as a legislative obligation, a standard to be complied with. For System Ceramics, the Coesia Group company, it is something more profound: an authentic company mission.


In the modern age, in which the rapidity of production and efficiency are often the focus of attention, System Ceramics has chosen to take a different path, making safety central, not only as a procedure but a fundamental value. What does all this mean in practice? In recent years, the company has revolutionized its safety division, transforming it into a dynamic, contemporary and cross-functional department. This metamorphosis has not only been structural, but has also involved the approach to safety itself: no longer as a simple complement to the design, but an integrated culture, a pillar of corporate social responsibility.


The concept of corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is not new. It relates to a business’s capacity to respond to the customers’ needs, but also to manage the expectation and requirements of all the stakeholders involved. In this context, System Ceramics has understood the importance of looking beyond business profits, evaluating its impacts on people, the environment and the territory. The innovation proposed by the company is not limited to its products, but also relates to the way in which they are designed and developed. Integrating safety right from the R&D phase means adopting a responsible approach, in line with a sustainable growth vision.

Collaboration and Training

Another fundamental aspect of System Ceramics’ approach to safety is training. Collaborating with ACIMAC, the association that represents Italian manufacturers of machinery for the ceramics industry, System Ceramics ensures that its personnel is always up to date with the latest regulatory developments, drawing up clear and effective guidelines.


The new Machine Safety Department is only the latest example of how System Ceramics is redefining the ceramics industry. Combining technological innovation with the excellence of Made in Italy, the company shows that it is possible to reconcile efficiency, quality and safety, proposing a truly evolved and sustainable business model.