Large slabs: the value through technological synergy

For System Ceramics true innovation is not limited to the creation of a single advanced unit. True innovation lies in a philosophy that is deeply rooted in the ability to see the whole picture: the specific context in which a new technology will be implemented.

System Ceramics' approach looks at the design of an efficient and powerful machine, ready to structurally enter the entire production line. Each machine is seen as a component of a larger ecosystem, acting flawlessly and integrating seamlessly with existing technologies – both those that precede it and those that follow it.

This meticulous attention to context ensures that each innovation not only adds value in itself, but raises the efficiency and productivity of the entire plant. The synergy between the machines becomes essential. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. System Ceramics ensures that every ring, every technology, is designed for strength and harmony within the operating context. Therefore, it designs complete solutions that maximize performance, efficiency and innovation through every step of the production process.

The advanced technologies of System Ceramics today introduce a notable leap in quality in the ceramic sector through Genesis, an innovative full-body three-dimensional decoration system. Its peculiarity is the completely digital management, with an extremely versatile and integrable concept that allows it to respond to the current production needs of the slabs and which, from a technical point of view, guarantees infinite aesthetic possibilities. The products made with Genesis are one of a kind, especially for the accuracy in the reproduction of the design. This occurs through the discharge of colored atomized powders, in a completely digital process which allows flexible management of the various graphic projects. A further detail that elevates the quality of Genesis products is the inclination of the vein: the atomized application process of Genesis allows the inclination of the vein itself to be faithfully reproduced "on the edge", so that the final result is as close to what can only be found in nature.

Genesis naturally integrates with the flagship Superfast press, an absolutely innovative system with high standards of quality and production efficiency which is characterized by ultra-connectivity and above all by being the first press in the world without a mould, guaranteeing results that surpass traditional systems, for all formats and thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm, ensuring a simple and quick set-up. Flexibility criteria, therefore, and sustainability: production is zero waste, with 100% recycling of the raw material for the benefit of the environment, also supported by the ability to guarantee energy savings of up to 70%, according to the standards of circular production. This technology, in fact, is the symbol of a production philosophy aimed at limiting energy consumption and waste of raw materials: with a single Superfast press it is possible to achieve a production of up to 24,000 m2 per day, a quantity which is normally achieved with the use of at least 2 traditional presses.

Closely related to the pressing of Superfast is the drying phase, which System Ceramics offers with the Fastdry horizontal multi-channel dryer, ready to accept incoming heat recovery. Finally, the achievement of the high standard of the finished product occurs thanks to the synchronization process with the decoration systems and, therefore, with the digitally applied graphics. A result made possible by the perfect integration with Creadigit Infinity, the cornerstone of digital decoration by System Ceramics, equipped in turn with the advanced Creavision e-view vision system, and with the new Eye-tron which, communicating in real time with the digital printer, allows perfect synchronization of surface graphics with full-body effects.

System Ceramics' cutting-edge vision pushes the technological boundaries of the ceramic industry, expanding its commercial potential and establishing itself as a pioneer in applying industrial innovation to advanced and practical solutions.