foto innovazione, sostenibilità e partnership: il 2023 di System Ceramics

Innovation, sustainability and partnerships: System Ceramics’ 2023

Reflecting on the year just passed, System Ceramics has stood out for sustainable innovation and extensive digitalization of the most strategic production processes. The search for sustainability in every production phase, from energy saving to a reduction in consumption and waste, has led the company towards a path of global efficiency. The efforts to consolidate partnerships with major operators in the sector also stand out.

Sustainable and digital transformation: System Ceramics has reinforced its strategic partnerships in 2023

Industry 4.0 is the new frontier of the digital and sustainable transformation of the ceramics sector, a context in which System Ceramics has continued its research for increasingly optimized production. A segment that drives the Italian economy with a turnover of 8.7 billion euros, today required to rapidly evolve without losing contact with tradition and the local territory.

Smart Factoring

Making factories smart, System Ceramics is revolutionizing the offer for the market, offering enterprises the possibility of a radical change in supply chain processes. In an increasingly green direction – from the way in which the company produces to how it distributes its products - exploiting tools such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

Solid Partnerships

It’s a major breakthrough for Made in Italy, with roots in the traditional manufacturing industry. System Ceramics has shown itself to be resilient and competitive with these solutions, strengthening its historic partnerships with reference global operators such as ABK, Porcelanosa, Portobello, Kale Group and many others.

Sustainability and innovation

“Sustainability and innovation have become essential factors for doing business” declared Luca Bazzani, CEO of System Ceramics and Vice President of ACIMAC (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics). “Businesses have an increasingly important role to play in the transition towards a new economic system and this requires a cultural and structural change in order to obtain effective solutions that safeguard the environment without sacrificing growth objectives. ”.

”System Ceramics is working on an ad-hoc sustainability plan, aimed at a structural reduction in CO2 emissions and at the optimization of water and energy resources, making our companies and the final products produced by our machines ever-greener”..

Supply Chain for monitoring

In line with Coesia’s green strategy, since 2022 System Ceramics has introduced a Supply Chain structure to invest in careful monitoring of the production chain in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. The objective is to work with predominantly local certified suppliers, giving customers, in turn, the opportunity to improve the sustainability of their final choice.

Responsible ceramic production

System Ceramics is revolutionizing ceramic production with cutting-edge technologies, promoting sustainability in every process phase. From the Superfast press for energy-saving, to Digiglaze, the digital glazing machine that reduces consumption and waste by up to 30%, together with 90% of the water required for its maintenance, initiatives also include renewable energy, LED lighting and a strong commitment to water saving, thereby reducing the environmental impact.