Improved quality and production savings with Creavision

The ceramic tiles production process involves numerous and delicate phases that require the use of different and sophisticated technologies. In order to obtain a high quality product without imperfections, it is necessary to track the position of ceramic surface in different points of the production line.

Technology has made great strides and today ceramic producers can have a series of devices that provide information on the quality of the product and signal the presence of any surface defects arising from pressing phase to packaging via digital decoration.

We’re talking about Creavision and below we set out the 3 main advantages that this device is guaranteed to bring to those who implement it in the production line.

Considerable advantages from all points of view

Integrated on the Creadigit, Creavision is a vision and self-regulating system for digital printing that detects the exact position of the tile on the belt to guarantee the correct orientation of the graphic image that has to be printed.

The software inside Creavision was entirely developed by the System Ceramics R&D team. A concentrate of electronics and algorithms that guarantee a computing power thanks to which the highest levels of productivity can be supported.

Less waste of ink

First of all, there is less ink waste: Creadigit prints only on the ceramic tile so that the ink used corresponds exactly to what is required for each single tile. In fact, without Creavision support, it is necessary to provide a larger image size than the printing area, with consequent overuse of ink.


Less maintenance and machine always clean

Widening the image to be printed, as already mentioned, is one of the methods used to resolve the problem of a non-aligned passage of the tile through the machine. This solution, however, leads to some problems: a considerable quantity of ink ends up on the belt, dirtying it and affecting its performance over time.

Creavision, as pointed out, allows to print perfectly on the ceramic substrate, so the belt remains clean for the entire production cycle, guaranteeing the efficiency of the entire decorating system.


Lower production costs

We’ve talked about a controlled use of ink and a more efficient system requiring less maintenance and cleaning. This inevitably leads to lower production costs. On the one hand, machine stoppages for maintenance and cleaning are significantly reduced; on the other hand, the material necessary for decorating the tile is never wasted.

Creavision and full digital

The future development scenario of full-digital opens up innumerable possibilities to implement creavision on each digital module used in the production process. Since this process implies a number of digital technologies in sequence for the application of glazes, colors and material effects, Creavision installed on every printer allows the perfect synchronization among the different applications, with no limits in terms of format and size of the ceramic tile.

Find out more about Creavision and download the brochure in the dedicated page.


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