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Happy 10th anniversary Creadigit! The technology that revolutionized ceramic decoration turns 10: an unstoppable innovation.

System Ceramics Creadigit technology, the innovation that revolutionized the ceramic digital printing process, turns 10. A milestone strongly characterized by the company's futuristic vision and by an important know-how that System Ceramics has put in place during this decade, the result of research, investments, skills and the desire to rewrite the rules of the game year after year.

A very first revolution in the field of ceramic decoration started up by System Ceramics took place in 1994 with Rotocolor, the printing system with silicon rollers for the automatic decoration of tiles, and which has known how to use this experience as a springboard for entering with know-how and professionalism into the high-level field of digital printing.

Creadigitwas officially launched in 2011 but System Ceramics’ research and development laboratories had already been searching for a digital solution for some time, in order to maintain the company’s leadership in the field of decoration, carrying forward, therefore, its profound knowledge of technology and the ceramic sector. Significant investments for several millions of euros were made right from the start to acquire materials on which to test machines and to develop clean rooms, laser cutting areas and assembly and welding centers, develop hardware and provide the best possible support to the laboratory that today represents the jewel in the crown of an all-round digital service, able to follow the customer side-by-side in the solution of problems and in the optimization of performances.

One of the first Creadigit installed in 2012

The jump from analogical to digital was made with the exclusive contribution of Dimatix the high-resolution drop-on-demand piezoelectric inkjet print heads.

A shared technological approach driven by a constant focus on research and innovation has put the two companies not only in contact but also in synergy, with the shared objective of creating a head dedicated to the ceramic sector which is able to encompass all of Dimatix’s experience in the digital printing field, plus that of System Ceramics in ceramic processes. This extraordinary shared and exclusive enterprise led to the production of the first Dimatrix head with the first ever recirculation at the nozzle plate level.

Technology completely dominated by System Ceramics and the group’s business units has been developed around this distinctive element, from the electronics and electrotechnical aspects, to the development of the software, to the chemical and physical aspects.

Extremely flexible and versatile, Creadigit is the ideal solution for whoever requires high aesthetic performance levels also in large formats – for which the Creadigit XXL and Creadigit BS versions are much appreciated – but it is equally effective for those producing more traditional formats and solutions, as it offers development continuity and updating over time. The vision of the ceramic sector and the trends developing around go hand in hand with Creadigit, which has known how to introduce aesthetic and qualitative changes in ceramic surfaces and respond to contingent evolutions with updates of various types. The synergy between the different divisions of System Ceramics, and with System Electronics in particular, led to setting the milestone of digital decoration: Creadigit Infinity, a printer with a computing power never seen before thanks to the latest-generation electronics which has given rise to the CoreXpress platform, the processing unit – one for every bar – which governs all the operations.

Almost 60 versions of Creadigit have been developed in these 10 years of activity, all linked by the common denominator of System Ceramics technology but all different according to the multiple needs of the markets. This aspect, in fact, has allowed Creadigit to become established throughout the world, effectively meeting different production needs each time.

But in the future? The flexibility of Creadigit has always been a distinctive factor; this is also true of the team which, with great passion and professionalism, engineers the growth of this technology. The freedom of development, therefore, is the future codified in the DNA of Creadigit, adapted to embrace and, at the same time, direct the most significant trends, always in the context of lean manufacturing. It will continue to do this in the name of an excellence that relates to the entire Made in Italy supply chain, a guarantee of quality, functionality and aesthetics, as well as in the name of a sustainability that aims at protecting people and the environment with ever more eco-compatible solutions: from pro-save energy interventions, to the implementation of new vision systems that permit a reduction in the ink used, from new upgrades in a digital&automation approach, to the optimization of processes, as far as the study of a new water-based printing methodology.

The evolution of Creadigit does not stop certainly here. The future is full of news and System Ceramics is ready, with Creadigit and not only, to continue innovating the decoration of the ceramic sector.

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