Griffon: logistics of excellence

System Ceramics’ definitive mission? To develop ever more competitive lines, able to allow companies to optimize their flows and production while maintaining high standards of quality and functionality. This goal is achievable only by constantly working on know-how in order to develop always new solutions, new ideas and new innovative projects. In the palletization field, innovation and research have led to the creation of Griffon, the automatic palletizer for the ceramics industry, which has proved over time to be an efficient and increasingly successful device after each evolutionary update.

A top-level ally

Griffon has only one mission and completes it every time: to ensure high-level storage, saving time and space. The level of automation reached by Griffon corresponds to the needs of industry 4.0: equipped with a software for the complete management of palletizing operations and a Copilot Touch Screen developed by System Electronics and Prime Ready, Griffon continues to be the top choice for automatic palletizing for many operators at global level.

Versatile and accurate management

Griffon is fitted with compact and rigid mechanics: with its brushless motors without pneumatic devices, which control movements, it combines the guarantee of maximum stability of the package with accurate positioning of the boxes, and at a high stacking speed. The tangible result is a considerable reduction in the risk of breakages and damage to the goods in the stocking phase.

Stability is ensured thanks to the gripper controlled by 5 motorized axes, which permit longitudinal, crossways, vertical, rotational and opening and closing translations, representing a perfect solution to every handling need. Griffon’s versatility, however, doesn’t end here: this evolved machine can work with small and large formats thanks to the two different types of conveyor: one for up to 1200 mm of length and the other for up to 1800 mm.



In the name of functional synergy

The synergy between the work of the gripper and the management software allows for the so-called “metaform” composition, that is, mixed horizontal and vertical stacking, the ultimate goal of which is to optimize the spaces on the pallet. In addition, Griffon can also be offered with a new high-efficiency conveyor for boxes that can support load capacities of up to 250 kg, fitted with a tilter with a motorized rotation system in order to vertically position the packages that will subsequently be stacked on the pallet. 

Optimized performance

Assigning management of Griffon’s processes to a single software is possible thanks to the unique structure characterizing this machine: Griffon has a new aluminum gripping frame without any pneumatic device, making it much easier to be installed and then set in motion. In addition, among the optional equipment that can help to maximize the performance of the palletizer, there is an automatic mechanism for squaring the boxes and pallets with respect to the storage area, besides a pallet strapping machine with interchangeable arches.

A set-up without rivals, it has innovated the field of palletization with improved techniques and significant advantages in terms of ease of use, productivity and the final result.


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