Equipment modernization, updated technologies for excellent performances

System Ceramics’ proposals are continuously evolving for alignment with market demands. And here we are not only talking about new machines, but also and especially about technologies that allow for an upgrading of already-existing products, implementing new functionalities that respond to production needs and safety requirements. All this forms the basis of one of the six pillars of our Customer Service: Equipment modernization.

Equipment modernization: what it is

This service is expressed in the offer of over 180 ready-to-use upgrading kits for improving the functionality of machines and special tailor-made solutions for meeting specific needs. Besides performances, Equipment modernization focuses on safety, proposing technical updates in line with frequently changing safety requirements.

How the Equipment modernization service came to be set up

The continuous evolution of our technologies has made it necessary to formalize all the upgrades of System Ceramics products in authentic upgrading kit catalogues. A challenging and demanding task, accomplished thanks to discussion and training meetings between professionalfigures that deal with customer consultancy and the managers of each product line. A course of action that confirms System Ceramics’ proactive and custom approach, and which allowed us to be the first to launch this service on the market in 2016.

Everything is online, in the internal Knowledge Center

Every System Ceramics professional has direct and immediate access to all the upgrading kit catalogues available online, on the internal Knowledge Center portal. In a few clicks, our CSAM (Customer Service Area Managers) can access a detailed document on the specific characteristics of the kit, the compatible machines, the advantages and the necessary upgrades. In order to propose the best solution for the customer’s needs in real time. Genuine consultancy aimed at the general improvement of every technology.

Consultancy and the offer of the upgrading kit

The upgrading kit proposal derives from a consolidated consultancy approach that includes periodical visits to the customer, careful, expert observation of the operation of the machine, feedback on performance satisfaction, listening to new production needs and specific requests. On the basis of all this, the most useful upgrading kit is proposed (hardware and/or software) or, in the absence of an already-existing solution, a customized upgrade. The customization process differentiates System Ceramics and is therefore appreciated and requested by customers

The updating of the machine and training

Once the right kit for the customer has been identified and the purchase has been finalized, System Ceramics deals with installation on site, and not only: thanks to another Customer Service pillar, Training and documentation, we are able to guarantee the alignment of technical/commercial skills of the entire CSAM World Wide team. The consultancy, installation and training activity with respect to the upgrading kit is proposed with the same quality and attention in all countries.

Why System Ceramics’ customers appreciate this service

This Customer Service pillar, like all System Ceramics’ other offers, is much appreciated by our customers because it is a structured response to concrete needs. From consultancy to documentation, from installation to training. And, most of all, because it is an investment with an almost immediate return: it impacts significantly on productivity and quality, reducing stoppages, increasing operator safety and productivity, and facilitating entry into new market sectors.

Two examples above all

An increase in functionalities and a reduction of risks and costs without changing the machine: a promise that translates into real data. Just to mention two examples from the series of Creadigit updates: a reduction of 13.5% of expected maintenance costs is obtained with the Gowaki Kit and a time saving of 8% of the operator’s work and a ROI of only 3 months with the Purge Tank Automation Kit.