Creadigit Infinity on Ceramic World Review (141/2021): read the article

On one side the ongoing market trend towards ever more sophisticated products in terms of aesthetics and material effects; on the other side the productivity, a crucial matter for ceramic producers.

These are the main topics on the article on Ceramic World Review (141/2021) about Creadigit Infinity, which retraces the steps of the System Ceramics speech during the webinar organized by TecnaNext and Ceramic World Web on March 17 and 18.
You can watch the speech at the link below.

Creadigit Infinity, the latest innovation in the field of digital decoration developed by System Ceramics, is the concrete answer to this new challenge, a technology with unprecedented computing power that opens up exclusive new aesthetic scenarios.

The article ranges from the description of the new electronic architecture, in which CoreXpress represents the beating heart, to the new features related to the possibility of equipping Creadigit Infinity with 12 or more bars, each of which can mount different printhheads.

You ca read the article below or download it by clicking here.


Find out more abour Creadigit Infinity and download the brochure here!

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