Creadigit Infinity and the collaborative full-digital

Presented during the 2020 edition of Cevisama, Creadigit Infinity is the latest innovation in the field of digital decoration developed by the Research and Development department of System Ceramics.

A high performance technology thanks to the several implementations developed, which give the new Creadigit Infinity a computing power never seen before. The result is a technology that projects ceramic decoration towards a full-digital and collaborative future.

The CoreXpress platform

Thanks to the new CoreXpress platform, the latest generation processor that can use fast and immediately available memory, the processing units, one for each color bar, oversee all the operations necessary to reproduce the image on the ceramic surface in a quick and accurate way.

Basically, the information is collected through a network of sensors along the machine, sent and processed in a very short time by the processing unit that acts directly on the color bars. This also occurs if there is a manipulation of the image during the printing phase, whether it is an adjustment of the uniformity of the tone or the rotation of the image.

Through the collaborative full-digital

With Creadigit Infinity, System Ceramics looks at the complete digitalization of the line, creating that value that will bring great benefits in ceramic production. Most of the production lines use digital decorators, knowledge of the technique and of digital printers is widespread, analysts identify the digital printer market as mature, but with Creadigit Infinity we can definitely go further.

Every machine, in fact, today has to complete a digital process, in which every single ink affects the final result. For this reason, Creadigit Infinity can be equipped with 12 or more print modules. An enormous versatility, a winning advantage not only in the management of the decoration process, but in the management of the entire line.

System Ceramics has now turned its attention to a new digital printing concept in which the process is even more flexible and adaptable and is based on a modular printing infrastructure distributed along the same line. New-generation digital printing will be performed by a system of independent machines each equipped with their own set of inks positioned in sequence along the production line.

This arrangement will allow for greater creative freedom but at the same time will require an adequate technological infrastructure. System Ceramics is already capable of installing collaborative full-digital lines. The equipment necessary for this new approach has been developed in-house and will consist of systems complete with software to further enhance creativity, resulting in a unique, high added value ceramic printing process.

In keeping with its pioneering tradition, System Ceramics has completed a concrete example of full collaborative digitization of ceramic decoration and once again demonstrated its leadership role in creating real innovation in ceramic manufacturing.

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