GRAVITY: digital machine for ceramic decoration

From powder to design

Gravity allows the application of Frits and Powders on porcelain and ceramic surfaces. The machine consists of a tank/elevator to load the material, a head for distribution on the tiles, and a belt to recover the excess material.

Precise and intuitive technology

Thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel, the operator can choose the type of grit and memorize inside the machine the different types of mixture created. In this way, the application of the grit becomes a rapid and flexible operation thanks to the data saved inside the machine’s management software.

Gravity applications

Full-field discharge

Application of the glue throughout the surface for protections or effects

Selective discharge

Application of the glue on certain areas

Synchronized discharge

Application of the glue only on certain areas perfectly synchronized with the digital graphics.


*Products obtained thanks to the integration of Gravity with the Creadigit technology.
Beyond aesthetics

Gravity is a technology that goes towards the integration of the production line for porcelain tiles and slabs requiring particular characteristics, from the aesthetic finish to the technical features, such as anti-slip properties.