XVIII Prêmio Mundo Cerâmico 2021: System Ceramics wins again the brazilian award

System Ceramics shone again this year at the “XIX Prêmio Mundo Cerâmico 2020-21” and won the prestigious Large-Scale Supplier of the Year award, standing out in two categories: “Equipamentos Decoração e Esmaltação” and “Equipamentos Automação e Escolha”.

The award forms part of the competition promoted by Mundo Cerâmico, the leading journal in the Brazilian market  who awarded System Ceramics during the digital event on 28 May.

The award for System Ceramics is an important demonstration of the synergic work performed by the company’s different business units and its customers, through which the company acts as an authentic partner in the construction of a path of technological, but also strategic, innovation.

Through its local subsidiary, System Ceramics is able to guarantee a highly professional customer care service, with timely and quality interventions, in keeping with the highest Made in Italy technology values.

The prize in the automations and sorting categories - “Equipamentos Automação e Escolha” – is confirmation of the technological reliability of the machines of the Fiorano Modenese company, having become a point of reference for Brazilian ceramic producers, as well as for the rest of the world. The technological innovation regarding the production area is characterized by a strong development towards digital and green, with a process and operating flexibility that make System Ceramics solutions truly unique.

With regards to digital decoration - “Equipamentos Decoração e Esmaltação -, the exceptional quality of the Creadigit Infinity stands out. This is the digital printer with a computing power never seen before, and which today enriches the offer of the already well-established Creadigit, the extremely high-resolution digital printing system for the ceramic industry that has contributed to making the Fiorano Modenese company synonymous with unmatchable technology in the decoration of ceramic materials.

System Ceramics more than deserved the award of Large-Scale Supplier, as international leader in the design and production of process systems for the ceramics industry.

The constant investment in research and development allows the group to offer advanced technological solutions, in terms of both innovative content and efficiency. Customization, just-in-time, human-centered automation and industrial sustainability in production processes will continue to be the objectives of System Ceramics in the design and creation of its technologies, already unique in the world for reliability and performance.