GENYA: smart factory tracking device


Genya is the innovative device for tracking pieces along the glazing line, entirely developed by System Ceramics, from the software to the hardware..

Optimized tracking and synchronization

Genya is a tracking device that is able to synchronize the sequence of applications to be carried out on the tiles, centralizing the coordination of a number of operations on the line. This facilitates the work of the operator, making the line easier to supervise and manage in all its possible combinations.

It collects, re-elaborates and processes.

Genya is able to process information in real time. It’s an instantaneous collector of data which optimizes the entire glazing line process: it monitors the operation of the Creadigits and puts them into communication with each other and with all the devices connected to them (e.g., Creavision e-View) for a simplified integrated management of the applications performed by the modules present on the glazing line.

Collaborative full-digital

With the objective of increasingly embracing the smart industry concept, Genya is an essential part of this revolution: besides the glazing line, the graphics part also benefits from Genya’s advantages in the ease of management of combinations and in the consequent increase in the quantity of different printable faces.

Prime ready

The information gathered and re-elaborated by Genya can be shared with Prime, creating an authentic communication channel according to the demands of the smart industry in order to respond to the production and efficiency requirements of industry 4.0.