RED LINE: tiles quality control system

Control system for detecting defects in the planarity of ceramic tiles

RedLine is a measuring tool to detect defects in the planarity of ceramic tiles.

The device is able to acquire, reconstruct, visualize and analyze the profile of the entire surface of the tile with a precision of ± 1 tenth of a millimeter.

The sophisticated camera system with laser line generators (up to 9), analyses the entire surface without contacting the tile measuring even the smallest deformation.


The laser line, projected on to the surface of the tile, makes it possible to memorize a matrix of points at 2 mm intervals, generating a perfect measurement of planarity. The system is calibrated using a slab sample; error thresholds are inserted, and Red Line compares them, classifying the quality of the product.


  • Automatic format change
  • Precision also on the edges
  • Maximum repeatability and reliability in the measurements
  • Tolerance regarding the rotation of the tile
  • 3D display of the tile obtained
Red Line Brochure