system ceramics precauzioni antiCovid


The health emergency that we’ve had to face at global level and which, in fact, is still with us, is proving a challenge for everyone, and leading us to make big changes in our habits and daily activities.

Our company organization has been revolutionized in order to put in place all the measures necessary for safeguarding the health of employees, customers and suppliers that are in daily contact with the world of System Ceramics.

This planned action has been implemented uniformly throughout the world, thanks to our dense network of branches, enabling maximum possible operational continuity in production, Customer Service, installation, technical assistance, maintenance and spare parts. Technology has come to our aid for all the other activities: as many as 64% of employees have been able to carry out their work in smart-working.

Our QHSE team has worked constantly, counting on the contribution of the entire System Ceramics community, setting up all the antiCovid-19 procedures provided for by the Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian National Institute of Health) to safeguard the health of everyone.

On 26 June 2020 we received the Tüv ItaliaHygiene Synopsis Attestation further to the Hygiene Audit which is aimed at verifying conformity with the hygiene and protection measures established for the reference sector in relation to Covid-19 prevention. We are proud to have been among the first companies in Italy in the industrial automation sector to have passed these checks, confirming the integration of the contents set out in the anti-contagion protocols into its management model.

This is what System Ceramics carries out on a daily basis to contrast the spread of the virus:

1. Information underpinning everything

The health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers are an absolute priority. We believe that correct and constant information is the basis for a sound and effective policy, and that’s why we’ve displayed a series of notices in all company areas to remind people to comply with the regulations in force.

2. Entry into the company is in total safety for employees…

We ensure every morning that no employee entering the company displays the typical symptoms of Covid-19. 2 pit-stop areas situated at the entrance with staff responsible for measuring the body temperature guarantee safe entrance into the company and allow for the prompt detection of suspected cases. This process takes place while the person remains inside their vehicle, or for those arriving on foot, we have set up another 2 pit-stops at all pedestrian access points.

3. … and for customers, suppliers and external staff

We welcome customers, suppliers and external staff in full compliance with the regulations. In the same way as for employees, we make sure to check that no external staff display Covid-19 symptoms. Before entering the company, external staff are welcomed in the appropriate area for measurement of their temperature in their vehicle. After receiving the PPE (gloves and masks), visitors are registered in reception by means of the digital column installed in Reception, after which they can move around the premises in total safety.

4. Hand hygiene in all company areas

We’ve grown to learn in this period, like never before, how important constant hand hygiene is, one of the most dangerous ways for the virus to spread being, in fact, via people’s hands. That’s why we’ve installed 23 no-touch columns and dozens of dispensers with disinfectant gel in all the more frequently used areas, near to relaxation areas, offices, canteens and production areas, so that anyone accessing an area can do so in full hygiene and safety.

5. Constant cleaning and disinfection of areas

A team of 18 professionals work every day and a number of times a day in order to guarantee the cleaning and disinfection of every company space inside and outside for the protection of employees, customers, suppliers and external staff. During the week 8 extra disinfection and sanitation activities are carried out on internal and external areas and on company vehicles, performed by highly qualified staff and with certified products (Virkon, quaternary ammonium salts, chlorine and alcohol). Particular attention is also given to the air-conditioning systems, with an innovative continuous-cycle sanitation system using Jonix cold plasma lamps and the periodic cleaning of the air diffuser filters. The sanitation of shared areas and equipment (printers, lifts, stairs) will be implemented with nanotechnology (with Titanium and Silver ions).

6. At work with all the necessary PPE

We have arranged that, as provided for by the regulations in force, any access, period of stay or movement inside all company areas occurs exclusively with mask and gloves. This is mandatory both inside the offices and inside the production areas. Employees are provided every day with a PPE kit containing 2 masks (one for the morning and one for the afternoon) and 1 pair of gloves. A disinfecting kit with denatured alcohol is also provided for every employee in order to keep their workstation constantly clean. So far, we have distributed around 1,000 masks per day and we expect to arrive at distributing of 1,500 of them when all employees have returned to work.

7. A conscientious use of shared areas

Avoiding gatherings is one of the most important rules in the fight against Covid-19. That’s why we’ve examined every single company area to ensure everyone can use the spaces in System Ceramics in total safety, complying with the established social distancing of at least 1 meter. A maximum number of people that can enter has been established for every area, pointing this out where necessary; we have given indications not to use the workstations of others, to limit as far as possible movements inside company areas and not to hold meetings if it’s not possible to maintain the necessary distances. A number of offices have been completely reorganized to comply with distancing requirements between colleagues.

8. Limited trips abroad

Right from the beginning of the pandemic, one of the first measures taken was to block trips abroad. Being a multinational company, it was a tough decision to suspend meetings with our most distant customers. The health of our employees, however is fundamental and, in these months, we’ve found a way to stay close to our customers through video conferences and remote assistance, doing what we can to reduce the distances at least a little.

9. Knowing how to act as the situation requires

A protocol has been drawn up that indicates in detail how to behave in the event of co-workers showing symptoms and the actions to be taken in the event a verified or presumed case is reported, with regards to the identification of any “close contacts” and the consequent communications to be made. Roles and responsibilities inside the company have been well-defined and each worker has been informed of the company departments responsible for the management of health emergencies. This allows us to ensure that everyone can continue with their work with peace of mind.

10. Company organization

The Group operating committee was already set up in February with the task of coordinating the prevention and protection measures for workers in all the companies in the Coesia Group. Subsequent to this initiative, an internal committee was also set up in System Ceramics that meets weekly to review the situation, check the correct application of the government protocol and company procedures and recommend to management any actions to be taken in the light of the evolution of government provisions.