Just-in-time packaging systems for ceramic tiles



Wrap packaging process characterized by an unprecedented ecological saving.


MULTIFLEX: tiles packaging line

Packaging line with configurable structure

Multiflex is composed by a central body to seal the boxes (wrap-around), and 4 storage units containing 120 x 120 cm sheets of neutral corrugated cardboard which is cut, glued and creased in real time by the accessories included in the storage units.



MULTIPACK: tiles packing machine

Multipack is the ideal packaging line for all sizes up to 120 x 180 cm

Multipack is the ideal packaging line for all sizes up to 120 x 180 cm, composed by a central module around which there are 8 cardboard storage units containing the die-cutters.

The storage units are close to the pick-up point and to the product, permitting the production of 10 packages per minute.


4PHASES: tiles packing machine

System for packaging of tiles directly inside the machine

The system that packs tiles directly in the machine, just-in-time, and with customized graphics 4Phases makes it possible to optimize production times compared to traditional packaging systems:

  • customizing the die-cuts and the graphics for a number of brands directly in the machine
  • automatic size change in real time, without the need of manual adjustments
  • production autonomy from 8 to 12 hours