LINER: quality control device for ceramic products

Measuring tool to control the tile caliber and dimensions

LINER monitors the dimensions of the tiles and makes it possible to identify those with irregular shapes (defects) and subdivides the tiles into classes (calibers) on the basis of their dimensions.

The selection criterion classifies the tiles according to shape defects (trapezium effect, cushion effect, lack of square shape) and dimensions (outside of caliber and relevant caliber).


The system measures the caliber of the piece and classifies it by thresholds set by the user.
Liner is characterized by:

  • self-configuring sensors that permit an automatic change in format
  • 5 pairs of CCD sensors that reveal caliber defects

The laser it analyzes the tile, reveals irregular shapes and dimensions with a precision of 0.1 mm and classifies them on the basis of the defects:

  • angles deviating from 90°
  • non-linear sides
  • imperfect rectifications
  • parallelogram defects