System ceramics TUV precauzioni anti covid_dipendente dpi

System Ceramics obtains TÜV attestation for the Hygiene Audit

System Ceramics has received the Hygiene Synopsis attestation on the part of TÜV Italia following the Hygiene Audit verifying compliance with the hygiene and protection measures defined for the reference sector regarding Covid-19 protection.

We are the first company in Italy to pass these checks in the industrial automation sector, confirming that we have integrated the contents set out in the anti-Covid protocols into our management model. The company’s QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) department has worked together with TÜV Italia, and the audit has verified the high standards of quality of the hygiene and safety measures implemented by System Ceramics.

Specifically, 4 fundamental elements referring to protection measures for contacts with customers and customer services were subject to assessment

  • protection measures for contacts with customers and customer services
  • the cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and shared rooms
  • ensuring compliance with social distancing
  • training of employees and communication

For all, TÜV Italia has certified that System Ceramics has perfectly respected every single criterion provided for by the hygiene protocol.

Today we are the first industrial automation company in Italy to obtain the Hygiene-Synopsis attestation from TÜV Italia, confirming how the wellbeing of our workers, customers and suppliers is a priority for us. We took action promptly, implementing every possible measure for preventing Covid-19 right from the first signs of the virus. We have achieved a very important goal for the company, our employees and our customers

declared Luca Bazzani, C.E.O. of System Ceramics.