#ReLive TecnaNext: Using data for effective decision-making. Prime for digital logistics. Giancarlo Imponente

As in the production field, digitalization is also a fundamental element in contemporary industry in the logistics world

Prime, the software for the management of entire plants made in System Ceramics, thanks to the interconnection between all the technologies on the line, allows the integration of data and information useful for the perfect management of flows for what concerns the logistics world

Giancarlo Imponente talked about Prime and the advantages in terms of decision-making that this software allows to obtain during the recent interventiona at the webinar about smart intralogistic organizad by TecnaNext.

After a description of the entire software and all available plant control modules, Giancarlo focused on the Prime module dedicated to the end of line (Operation) and on the module dedicated to the Warehouse, entering into the details of the opportunities that Prime offers for the management of these phases of the production process.

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