Panariagroup chooses System Ceramics for the strategic renovation of its plant

The collaboration with System Ceramics is the result of a team effort that prioritizes quality and innovation, building on a relentless search for improved solutions that are compatible with the new market needs, in order to provide our customers with an innovative, sustainable and high-quality product

This is how Giuliano Pini, CEO of Panariagroup, describes the renewed technological partnership with System Ceramics, with a focus on technological innovation and sustainable development; two companies whose industrial trajectories have fruitfully intersected during an over ten-year partnership, which are now reconfirming their synergy through a strategic new supply.

For an extensive renovation project of the plants in Fiorano Modenese, carried out during the whole 2021 and that required innovative solutions that could guarantee the best performance in terms of production and business management, Panariagroup decided to believe in System Ceramics' technologies. The heart of the supply is one of System Ceramics’ flagship technologies: Superfast, the mouldless ceramic press which, thanks to the system equipped with a single belt, makes it possible to manufacture with an unprecedented level of flexibility. Advantages in terms of time, space and consequently costs make the Superfast technology an effective support for ceramic production aimed at sustainable development; it is in fact possible to change production in zero time and to completely recover the raw materials that are surplus to requirements during the cutting stage

But there is more. New logistics solutions have also been implemented at the Fiorano Modenese plant, including new LGVs and a new slab sorting line from Studio 1, a company that is part of System Ceramics

A winning partnership that looks to the future and projects Panariagroup, a leading player on the high-end of the ceramic market, towards an even more innovative, performing and sustainable production.