Let's gather the energies, all together, because we will get back stronger than before.

Dear Customers and Partners,

Today more than ever the good health of the entire community, employees and all the people who gravitate around System Ceramics universe is our first priority.

Following the new decree of the Italian Government which introduces further restrictive measures on the whole national territory for the containment of the COVID-19 emergency, we have suspended the operations of the production departments, keeping all the activities that can be carried out  in smart working mode, guaranteeing support to all our customers.

Our international branches network remains active, managing all the services for our customers in compliance with the measures that the respective national governments will communicate in these days.

It is possible to keep in touch with System Ceramics via e-mail, telephone and any other digital channel.

Resting is not in our nature, far from it.

Our way of life has always been focused on running into the future, looking for breaking the walls, overcome our limits, change the game rules.

We feel caged by the walls of our house now, even though, while we are counting the minutes chomping at the bit, we are still projecting our future.

Yet, we all must understand now that it's time to stop in order to begin anew all together.

Full respect and deep gratitude are the feelings we address to those people who are working very hard, risking their lives every day, and while thanking them we must think about the responsibility that everyone of us have to others.

Let’s slow down together now, let’s gather the energy because this is the only way to get back stronger than before.