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Creadigit Infinity and the new scenarios of digital decoration. L. Bastardi and P. Casarini interview (part.2)

Here’s the second part of the interview with Luciano Bastardi and Paolo Casarini. 3 questions through we will analyze some of the technical advantages of Creadigit Infinity, focusing on a number of aspects of the ceramics market, particularly in relation to the world of digital decoration.

Creadigit Infinity has been designed for performances that were unimaginable until today; how are these performances reflected on the ceramic surface?


Creadigit Infinity offers a range of opportunities for product development never seen before, suffice to consider the extraordinary possibility, which we have managed to implement, of being able to mount different types of print heads. This allows us, first of all, to obtain a high level of differentiation in the graphic effects, and therefore exceptional attention towards the details of the ceramic surface. The multi-head opens the way to developing ceramic products generated thanks to the loading of color bars and material bars on the same machine. Consider, for example, that Creadigit Infinity can be fitted with 12 or more print modules installed inside it, allowing for effective management of every single bar.

In other words, Creadigit Infinity makes it possible to develop ceramic products with aestheticcharacteristics that could not even have been imagined before now. Ceramic producers throughout the world have, over time, refined the aesthetic qualities of their products, increasingly moving towards the search for complex and structured surfaces to produce. Surfaces that can visually appear simple or minimal, such as concrete, for example, require great efforts from a print file management point of view.

It’s obvious that the graphic complexity of a ceramic surface requires a machine able to process information in a precise and more rapid way. With regards to this aspect, Infinity does not make any compromises, but guarantees a computation power never seen before. To ensure such performances, we have developed CoreXpress, a platform that manages ownership codes and advanced algorithms. Only these characteristics make it possible to obtain an impeccable aesthetic result - a guarantee.

There are at least two other advantages that imply not only an upgrade from a ceramic design point of view, but also from a production point of view. The first is the possibility of balancing and correcting the graphic tone in real time: this means not stopping production, and intervening immediately on the piece introduced into the machine. The second is the technical support that System Ceramics offers its customers: our assistance service is ever-present and able to intervene on the machine to improve the setting of the parameters.



What do you feel are the market needs and where do you think the world of digital decoration is heading?


As anticipated previously, ceramic producers are always searching for originality in their products. This tendency results in pushing the limits in order to focus on complex products with a very high level of difficulty in their production. Developing aesthetically complex products means having in your range something which others lack. And this is the direction towards which we perceive the world of digital decoration to be heading. Creadigit Infinity is the answer to this market need. Everything that could be imagined aesthetically, Infinity is able to technically reproduce it.

Full digital: is Infinity one of the pieces of the puzzle for embarking on this enterprise?


Decidedly so. The full digital process means opening up horizons, being ready to experiment, beginning with the putting together of different applications. The fact that Creadigit Infinity makes it possible to work with a number of print heads for different applications (color, effects, materials) is, without doubt, a characteristic that lays the best sort of foundation for the full digital philosophy.

While we were developing it, we thought about a machine that was to be the quintessence of the future of ceramic production. And we equipped it to offer every possibility of application. Its avant-garde software base combined with its exceptional computing power open up scenarios for future development still to be discovered. Our approach to continuous improvement has always led us to strive towards subsequent evolutions, also on already super-performing machines, opening up new ways for our customers to overcome previous limits.

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