CREADIGIT INFINITY: digital printer for ceramics

The digital printer with a computing power never seen before.

Creadigit Infinity is the evolution of digital decoration. Information useful for reproducing images onto the ceramic surface is processed and managed in real time thanks to the cutting-edge architecture combined with the control modules of the CoreXpress platform. With latest-generation electronics developed by the Electronics division, Creadigit Infinity boasts extraordinary computing power. More flexibility, more configuration variability with more than 12 bars and the possibility of working with different head models, is just the beginning.


Developed by the R&D team, CoreXpress is Infinity’s driving force. Much more than a processor, this sophisticated platform manages property codes and advanced algorithms to precisely and immediately process the data necessary for the digital printing process. Data is rapidly transmitted to the processing unit through an appropriate network of sensors that gather relevant information. This processing unit manages all the operations to be carried out in order to raise productivity standards and to improve the quality of the product: the machine can instantaneously create complex graphic files, govern the printing of a number of products at the same time and intervene in the process in real-time. Creating different graphics at the same time with the same machine configuration is now possible: this makes it possible to manage orders on demand, to satisfy the current production requirements of a market that is seeking to reduce inventories..


Creadigit Infinity can be configured with 12 or more bars, each of which can house different heads. This means counting on a range of graphic effects and also greater resolution in reproducing all the details contained in the original file, making it possible to develop ceramic products with previously unimaginable aesthetic impact. The printed image is qualitatively more defined and perfectly precise for various application needs. The mounting of the heads on high-precision mechanics and their optical alignment act together to lend the reproduced image more depth, fullness of tone and hues. Finally, the revolutionary equalization of the single head nozzles creates valuable printing uniformity for all the bars. The common defects of the ceramic decoration process are, therefore, in this way overcome: no smudging, no lines and no blurs, for a maximum production yield for all types of surfaces, also three-dimensional. .


To exploit the potential of all its hi-tech attributes, Infinity has been conceived always keeping in mind usability requirements for the line technician. The Live Image Processor (LIP) certainly stands out among the series of programmed technological contents. This original function allows the operator to check and intervene in real time on the graphics directly on the machine on the 21-inch Copilot Wide HD Screen, in order to obtain the desired printing shade. This monitoring of the process can be carried out without needing to block production. This implies a significantly and generally reduced and simplified effort required.
In addition, the modulation of the unloading of materials is simplified. Thanks to an innovative patented function, the operator can vary the quantity unloaded completely autonomously, directly from the machine Copilot, without needing to reprocess the graphic file.


Thanks to its increased computing power, Creadigit Infinity combined with Creavision raises the performance bar to an even higher level. The vision and self-regulation system for Creavision digital printing has been designed to ensure a more efficient and effective printing process. Creavision controls the exact position of the tile on the belt, allowing for the correct repositioning of the graphic image on the substrate to be printed on.

Installed at the entrance of the tile into the digital printer, it makes it possible to identify the piece’s angle of entrance and roto-translate the graphics without using alignment guides. The result? The speed of transmission of the data guaranteed by the CoreXpress allows Creavision to communicate to the machine how to rotate the graphics in real time on the basis of the input element.


After many years, Credigit Infinity finally reassigns the design of the product to the laboratory technician, who has the possibility of personally organizing the sequence of different resolutions, head types, inks and materials. In System Ceramics we talk of collaborative full-digital, a philosophy that makes it possible to integrate the sequence of the applications carried out by the modules present in the glazing line in a simplified management process.

Through Genya, which contains the MMC (Multiple Machine Composer) software, the operator can instruct the machine on the sequence of applications to be carried out on the tiles. The combinations that can be obtained are, therefore, easily managed in the line without having to operate on each single machine. Thanks to a dedicated Copilot combined with the tracking of the line sections, it’s possible to coordinate all the applications necessary, from the glaze to the inks and as far as the different effects, all from a single point.

System Ceramics’ attention is focused precisely on this new idea of collaborative digital printing, in which the process can be even more flexible and variable, characterized by an infrastructure conceived for being modular and ready to tackle any future challenge.

Creadigit Infinity


Image Transfer Speed
10 Gb fiber optic network
Image processor


LIP(Live Image Processor)




SG1024 - 400dpi

RC1536 - 360dpi

SG600 - 600dpi

Approved inks 
95% of the inks on the market 
Color bars
12 Infinity 2.1 | 12+
Up to 600dpi 
Speed of transport
Up to 70 m (linear) 

Product Features

Machine lenght
6425 mmInfinity 2.1 | 15000
Printing width

Infinity 1,0 | 1000mm

Infinity 1.4 | 1400mm

Infinity 2.1 | 2100mm

New Copilot 21" Wide Screen
Ink loading tanks




Technical specifications